New server offers  1. April 2012

Starting now, we are offering you a new product range. All server offers are now including 15.000 (!) GByte of traffic. If this limit is exceeded, the connection speed will be limited from 100 MBit/s to 10 MBit/s. If desired, the full speed can be used for a mere 5,95 Euro a month.

Furthermore we are now offering you our custom-pack. You need additional disk-space, are requiring a hardware-RAID or want a fast SSD-drive for your server? Just book the custom-pack and the hardware you want.

The dedicated server offer XR-6 has been replaced by a similar offer. It now feature a Intel Core i7-2600 (4x 3400 MHz) instead of a Intel Core i7-950, and now comes with 32 GByte rather than just 24 GByte of memory. Also the monthly price decreases to 69,- Euro.

The XR-9 is now equiped with a Intel Core i7-3820 (4x 3600 MHz) and 64 GByte RAM. This performance will cope with nearly any task without even a struggle. Virtualizations can be operated in large quantities on a single server which saves you money.

Also we would like to inform you that the price of our “smallest” dedicated server has decreased to now only 29,- Euro month. You will still get 8 GByte of RAM, two 1 TByte hard drives and 15.000 GByte of traffic at 100 MBit/s. Current XR-1 customers can pay the setup-fee to obtain the new, lower price.

We hope we can continue to convince you with our products.

Best regards,
Alexander Broszio