Accommodation in high-end datacenter

Take advantage of our colocation facility to operate your hardware cost effectively and safely. Trust in our know-how to connect your own hardware to the net.

This is a perfect way to accommodate those asset server or hardware configured according to your own specific requirements. You will benefit from our professional infrastructure without the necessity of major investments at your own sites. You are also saving yourself the hassle and the risk of operating your own facilities and are able to take stress-free advantage of the synergies of a large datacenter.

Support for IPv6 is of cause given and we are provide you with at least a / 64 for further use. Furthermore you can take advantage of our services to carry out maintenance on the server. This way you can save on expensive and time-consuming trips to the datacenter.

Our pricing is designed to be consumption-oriented, you only pay for what you actually consume. Our traffic packages can be added or canceled on a monthly basis.