Our virtual servers enable an economical entry into the world of online hosting. Our XV-1G-SSD is adequate to cope with small server duties. For larger and growing requirements we are offering our XV-2G-SSD, XV-8G-SSD and at the top of the range the XV-16G-SSD. Simply choose the server which fits your needs the best!

All V-Server are offering full root-access, rDNS, 24/7 reset service including rescue system, automatic reinstall via your customer access and direct access via VNC.

All V-Server are connected with 100 MBit/s to our network. The generous transfer volume of 1000 GByte to 8000 GByte a month gives you enough reserves to cope with unexpected growth.

You have the choice

As operating system for your server we are offering you Ubuntu, Debian and CentOS . Further operating systems are possible, if requested.
A comparison of our root server offers can be found in our product matrix, where you can have a overview of the various specs and prices.
If your needs differ from our offers, please do not hesitate to contact us to resolve eventual questions.

If this is still not enough power for you, you might be interested in one of our root-server.