V-Server XV-16G-SSD

monatlich 29.90

The V-Server XV-16G-SSD is the high end of our v-server range. It is perfect to handle demanding processes and larger databases. With the inclusion of 8000 GByte of data transfer volume, even large file transfers can be handled at any time without worrying about the traffic limit.

As operating systems we are currently offering:
– Ubuntu
– Debian
– CentOS
All operating systems will be installed as a 64-bit version.


CPU: 4 vCore
RAM: 16 GByte
SSD: 400 GByte


8000 GByte traffic
100 MBit/s uplink

Additional features:

1 IPv4 address
1 /64 IPv6 subnet
Reverse DNS service
24/7 rescue system
including KVM via my.xirra.net


Price per Month: 29.90 Euro


Additional Traffic each TByte: 5,95 Euro
100MBit/s unmetered: 59.00 Euro per month

cPanel administration ssoftware (requires CentOS): 30.00 Euro per month

Contract details:

Minimum contract duration: 1 month
Cancelation period: 30 days till the end of the month