V-Server XV-8G-SSD

monatlich 19.90

The V-server XV-8G-SSD is an advanced version of our XV-2G-SSD. He is offering the quadruple amount of dedicated RAM and disk space. Therefore he is perfect for anybody wo needs more performence than our XV-2G-SSD offers, but (yet) doesn’t needs the performence of our XV-16G-SSD. The V-server XV-8G-SSD inlcudes 4000 GByte of traffic.

As operating systems we are currently offering:
– Ubuntu
– Debian
– CentOS
All operating systems will be installed as a 64-bit version.


CPU: 2 vCore
RAM: 8 GByte
SSD: 200 GByte


4000 GByte traffic
100 MBit/s uplink

Additional features:

1 IPv4 address
1 /64 IPv6 subnet
Reverse DNS service
24/7 rescue system
including KVM via my.xirra.net


Price per month: 19.90 Euro


Additional Traffic each TByte: 5,95 Euro
100MBit/s unmetered: 59.00 Euro per month

cPanel administration ssoftware (requires CentOS): 30.00 Euro per month

Contract details:

Minimum contract duration: 1 month
Cancelation period: 30 days till the end of the month