Special items available again / new hardware upgrade possible  11. January 2013

The special items SP-1 and SP-3 are now available again!

Both rootserver offers are equipped with at least a Intel Core i7-920 CPU with 4x 2666 MHz, 12 or 24 GB RAM and 2x 1-TB HDD. Both server offers are perfectly suited for virtualization and due to the lack of a setup fee they are a convenient platforms for short running projects. Of cause traffic is inclusive, as with all our rootserver offers*.

Price SP-1: 49,00 monthly
Price SP-3: 59,00 monthly
No Setup-fee for both offers! Please be aware that this is only a limited offer.

Link to our product matrix

Furthermore we are now offering you the option to order 2 system hard drives for all XR and SP server systems. For 15 Euros a month your server will be fitted with 2 additional drives (~ 80GB) which are setup in RAID-1 for the installation of the operating system. This increases the reliability of your system as well as it seperates your OS from the data (i.e. to change OS at a later time)

Best regards,
Alexander Broszio

* The traffic consumption is included. After a consumption of 15 TByte / month, we are limiting network connection to 10 Mbit/s. Alternatively the connection can be set to 100 Mbit/s permanent. Additional usage will be charged for each commenced TB for 5.95 €. Please contact for this our support.