Refreshed towards spring  14. February 2013

Numerous improvements of our services are now available. To be prepared for the upcoming spring, we already reworked large parts of our product portofolio. Our rootserver offers XR-3, XR-6 and XR-9, as well as our storageoffers XS-12 and XS-24 are now equipped with 3 TB hard drives instead of the previous 1 and 1,5 TByte drives. In addition, the hardware of the storage deals has been refreshed. Now serving as the CPU is an Intel Core i7-3820 (4x 3600MHz) processor with 64 GB of DDR3 RAM. The prices for dedicated servers are kept at their constant low level while the prices of the storage offers have been adjusted to the significantly higher performance.

In the area of ​​upgrades the 2-TB hard drive has been replaced by a model with 3-TB for the same price.

The price for colocation rack has been increased to 249,- Euro a month.

Please be aware that these offers are refering to new orders. If you want to upgrade your existing system please contact our support.


Alexander Broszio