New Root-Server offers  7. January 2019

With immediate effect, we offer a completely renewed portfolio of root servers. The XR series root servers will now be setup with the latest Intel processor generation, DDR4 RAM and 4TB HDDs to be ready for highest server requirements. We are adding the abbreviation NG to the new servers. The range of processors starts at Intel Xeon Bronze 3104 and reaches its top at Intel Xeon Silver 4114. In addition to the high-end models XR-3-NG, XR-6-NG and XR-9-NG, we have also entry version of the XR-3s named XR-3-ENTRY. This server fulfils the requirements of an ambitious private user and is already available for a low monthly price.

In addition, our SSD product line, receives a makeover. All servers are delivered with the latest Intel processor generation, DDR4 RAM and at least one 500 GB SSD. The new SSD models bear the names XR-3-NG-SSD, XR-6-NG-SSD and XR-9-NG-SSD. In addition, there is the entry-level server called XR-3-Entry-SSD, which is intended for home users.

All new servers have a 1000 Mbps FLATRATE, which protects the customer from high additional costs. We are looking forward to your orders.