Storage XS-12

monthly 199.00

The storage offer XS-12 comes with twelve 3 TByte hard drives and a 12-Port RAID Controller. This gives you a huge amount of fast and secure storage space to use. Using a RAID-10 configuration you can access 18 TByte of redundant disk space.

All dedicated server offers from Xirra are including unlimited traffic .

As an operating system, we are offering:
– Ubuntu 
– Debian
– CentOS

Other operating systems are of cause possible if requested.

Please be advised that only a limited number of this server is available.


CPU: Intel Core i7-3820 (4 x 3600 MHz)
RAM: 64 GByte DDR3
HDD: 12 x 3 TByte SATA2


Traffic inclusive
100 Mbps connection to our backbone

Other features:

1 IPv4 address
1 /64 IPv6 subnet
Reverse DNS service
24/7 rescue system
24/7 reset service


Price per month: 199.00 Euro
Setup fee: 299.00 Euro


1000MBit/s Port*: 39.00 Euro per month
1000MBit/s unmetered: 399.00 Euro per month
10000MBit/s unmetered: 2999.00 Euro per month

cPanel administration ssoftware (requires CentOS): 30.00 Euro per month


Hardware Upgrades are only possible after ordering the custom-pack
Custom-Pack: 15.00 Euro per month

/28 Subnet 15.00 Euro per month
/27 Subnet 30.00 Euro per month

120 GByte SDD SATA: 25.00 Euro per month
240 GByte SDD SATA: 25.00 Euro per month
+ 50.00 Euro setupfee
Further hardware available at request

Contract details:

Minimum contract period: 1 month
Cancelation period: 30 days to the end of the month

* The traffic consumption is included. After a consumption of 20 TByte / month, additional usage will be charged for each commenced TB for 1,99 €.