Xirra is hosting in several high-performance data-centers in the area of Nuremberg. The multi-redundant internet-connection with a own autonomy system (AS51191) is based on a 10 GBit/s network and ensures high-speed links. Only Juniper routing equipment in the core-network ensures a smooth operation and performance. No matter if you are operating a root-server or renting a v-server – you can trust in us to reliable deliver you data.

Test IP: / 2a01:4a0:2000::11

Download our testfile (1 GByte)


20 GBit/s noris network
80 GBit/s Core-Backbone

Power supply

The power supply is backed by N +1 redundant UPS systems. An emergency power generator would supply, in case of blackouts, the data center with power. The backup power supply is designed to provide power for 96 hours without refill.


The datacenter is cooled by indirect free cooling with N +2 redundancy. 24/7 temperature monitoring with automatic alerting of all server rooms.


Qualified bi-lingual staff (German and English) is 24/7 to your disposal.


Access to the data-center is only possible with authentication. Powered locks, reinforced steel-doors, a sluice system and 24/7 CCTV surveillance of all areas in the data-center.

Fire prevention

State-of-the-art fire detection system with a direct connection the fire brigade.