Root-Server XR-6-NG-SSD

monthly 84.90

The root servers offer XR-6-NG-SSD is based on the Intel Xeon Bronze 3106 process and therefore even several, parallel virtual instances are being dealt with, without any hustle.

All dedicated server offers from Xirra are including unlimited traffic.

As an operating system, we are offering:
– Ubuntu
– Debian
– CentOS

Other operating systems are of cause possible if requested.


CPU: Intel Xeon Bronze 3106 (8 x 1700MHz)
RAM: 64 GByte DDR4 ECC
HDD: 2 x 500 GByte SSD SATA3


Including traffic flat
1000 MBit/s unmetered connection to our backbone.
200 MBit/s bandwidth guaranteed.

Other features:

1 IPv4 address
1 /64 IPv6 subnet
Reverse DNS service
24/7 rescue system
24/7 reset service


Price per month: 84.90 Euro
Setup fee: 0.00 Euro


10000MBit/s unmetered: 2999.00 Euro per month

cPanel administration software (requires CentOS): 30.00 Euro per month


Hardware Upgrades are only possible after ordering the custom-pack
Custom-Pack: 15.00 Euro per month

/28 Subnet 15.00 Euro per month
/27 Subnet 30.00 Euro per month

3 TByte HDD SATA: 25.00 Euro per month
120 GByte SDD SATA: 25.00 Euro per month
240 GByte SDD SATA: 25.00 Euro per month
+ 50.00 Euro setupfee
4 Port Raidcontroller: 25.00 Euro per month
Further hardware available at request

Contract details:

Minimum contract period: 1 month
Cancelation period: 30 days to the end of the month

* The traffic consumption is included. After a consumption of 20 TByte / month, additional usage will be charged for each commenced TB for 1,99 Euro.